Saturday, August 28, 2010

Children needing sponsors!

Hello Friends

I am not sure how many of you visit our blog or facebook page. I wish to hear from you guys! :).There are many children that are needing your help. It is only 10 dollars a month to sponsor a child. All these children are living in poverty stricken families, and most have lost more than one parent or they have a disease so they can't take care of them. IT would really help if they had someone that cares about them they would feel so much better. 

And what sponsorship includes is the following.....School fees, uniform, and school supplies. 

If you can't sponsor a child, there is always other needs that need to be met. You can donate to the food program. The last couple months they haven't been able to feed every child because the lack of funds. You can even send clothes or anything that you think is needed at the school. Any little thing will help these children. They deserve better!!! Could you imagine you child not having enough food to eat?! You could imagine you can't give your child an education? You could be a hero for a child in need! 

If you are interested in helping in anyway, please give me an email.

God bless you greatly

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