Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chileleko Community School

I have partnered with Chileleko Community school, in helping them get sponsorships and funds for the children. Please read this email below written by one of the teachers of the school

Dear friends,

I know the whole world gloans in pain due to different problems. Sometimes we even get confused where to set priority for help especially in these recent times where disasters hit the world simultaneously. Well, the matter of fact is that this world is drawing to an end as prophesied in the Holy Bible. However, we don't have to lose LOVE,HOPE and Faith because without these it will be hard to please Christ upon his coming.

I would like to mention that we have not seen much of the expected results from the cause. There is little impressing achievement which have been made especially in the areas of funding. I don't want to sin by sounding ungrateful but i ask you  to exert efforts for the development of this heartbreaking/hearttaking community. Already there are 7 laptops in Canada donated to the school which are still pending due to lack of funds to have them shipped. $1400 is need to have them shipped from Canada to Southern Africa (Zambia). Please if we cannot personally help financially let us engage other capable people around us to fund this program as the help rendered will help the entire targetted households in need.



Please everyone, can you help this needy community. Any little amount will help. If you want to sponsor a child just email me at Shelbyafrica@gmail.com. And about the laptops, it is a major need for James and his brother to communicate with me and send pictures of the children and much much  more. So if you want to donate to that please let me know. 

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