Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meeting the African children's choir!

So, me and Samson went to the African children's choir again. It was an out of town concert but it was so worth it. The Concert was the best out of them all. And two we went down to the basement and said hello to the children. Right when we walked into the door they all came running! Uncle Samson! Auntie they all said. :) Here are some pictures which most of the children took. It was so cute...they were all asking to use my camera. They were like, "Auntie can I use your camera"?" Auntie after him can I use your camera" Auntie just one more please" And samson was showing them how to do push ups. lol it was really cute. One girl asked....Auntie do you have muscles can you do a push up. HAHAHA and I was like no look at my arms. But, I showed her how to do a lady push up. We had so much fun in such a short time. I wish I could tour with them. I know we are going to miss the kids ALOT!! They will be always in our hearts. We hope and pray that some day we will be able to see them in Uganda.
I asked to get a picture with ivy the girl on the left and they all came running! They love the Camera that is for sure! 

Samson showing the kids how to do push ups lol

They have so much energy! 

Samson with his buddy to his right. 

The kids taking the pictures! :)


helpingthechildrenofafrica said...

Did Sampson work for the choir or sponsor the kids? How would they know his name? Most of the time no one meets the kids unless they host them

Shelby said...

nah never did. I new harriet from Facebook. Andthen I went to 3 concerts and met them twice. Yea know we were just lucky!