Monday, July 12, 2010

African children's choir Part 2

This is the second concert I went too. And it was the BEST!!!!! I took some really good pictures. And through out the concert Alex and Ivy kept on looking at me and Samson. And when they did they had a huge smile on there faces and or they laughed. I guess were funny looking. :P And even after the concert we got to meet them :)

Then the concert was done, it was boiling in the church, but I was still really happy that we got to see the kids again. We were walking out of the church and I see Harriet the choir leader. I have her on Facebook and she wanted to meet me and we finally did meet. It was cool. Here is the picture below of us.
Me and Harriet, AKA Facebook friends :)

I love this one

The boys just loved him

Me and Samson with the boys! :) Funny face :P

Samson talking to the kids

Samson talking to the kids in Swahili which they were really surprised that he could speak it.

After I met Harriet. Me, Samson and Maria wanted to meet the kids. We did, which was the first time I got to meet them. They were happy to see us. It was really good, I am so happy we got pictures. Samson was amazing with them. In the end I just wanted to see them in concert more and more and even go on the bus to tour with them. I hope one day me and Samson can go to Uganda and see them.

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