Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shiloah Ministries Incorporated

 I have been keeping a very good relationship with Josephine from Uganda. Just yesterday I got a picture of her with the dictionary I bought her.  This is the BEST photo I have of her. And also not to long ago I have received  a picture of her holding the letter she sent me.
Shiloah Ministries Incorporated is the BEST organization. It is located in Kampala, Uganda and the school is called Day Spring. There is children that need sponsors. Here is two girls that need YOUR help. 

Aminah Nakimuli
Name: Aminah Nakimuli

Nanwtebi, ShaminShe is 8 years old, she lives with her Grandmother both parents are deceased. She is currently in Primary 2. She would be very grateful if she got a sponsor. Please consider sponsoring her today?

Name:  Shamin Nanwtebi

  She  is 13 years old,  her grandmother is the caretaker living with 5 children. She would be very happy if you were her sponsor. Please consider sponsoring her today?

You can email me at and I will forward you to the right place to sponsor these kids or you can go to

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