Sunday, March 14, 2010

19th Birthday!!

My 19th Birthday, WOW! I can't believe that all this time has gone by. It feels like i was just 10 years old. For my birthday I just had Maria, Laura and Samson over. It was fun. A lot of dancing, and playing around. As you see below I got a Guess watch, from Mom, Dad. And Samson took me shopping for clothes and Maria is sponsoring a child for me. which I wish i got 10 more kids instead of any gifts. I didn't really need anything. But most people wanted to get me stuff.....stuff...stuff...stuff! lol We can gather so much stuff through out birthdays. 
 Samson was like slow down take a breather! lol 
And I was like lets open this...WHAT I GOT SOCKS?!?!Oh wait nope, I got a very nice Guess watch!Me and Samson

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