Thursday, June 06, 2013

Children got uniforms

These are the children that are posted below with uniforms which the school provided for them.

The children at gym class

The first three girls with their preier school uniform and Riaka Trezer Margret with her new uniform

The trio of boys! Awe aren't they adorable!! 

Boys with sport uniform and Riaka Trezer Margret just wanting to be in the photo :)

Again if you can help these children they would be so grateful. It is $30 per month to help them, If you can not afford that much per month find a friend that could co-sponsor with you. You will not regret helping any of these children. Not only their life will be changed but yours as well. 

Change a life and build a future today! 


Joyful said...

Love all the uniforms.

Shelby said...

yes, the school provided the children with them. :)