Thursday, February 23, 2012

Children needing a sponsor

Hello Everyone!

There is a great need for sponsors a Chileleko Christian school. I have posted some of the children's photos on this group. It is only 10 dollars a month to sponsor one of them. Each time you make a payment, you get a picture of what your child has received. The last months sponsored children got a chicken,cooking oil, school books, pens and mealie meal,and some of the children received a mathematics set. All these things were from a 3 month donation for 30 dollars only!

All of the children at the school are living in objective poverty and can't even afford on meal a day.

Please sponsor a child at Chileleko School.

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               Some of the children below needing a sponsor for only 10 dollars a month!

Children benefiting from the sponsorship program!

My sponsors child benefiting from me sponsoring her!
Children benefiting from the sponsorship program!

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