Friday, July 17, 2009


Awe sooo happy to get new pictures of my sponsor children in uganda. Kate went to uganda and brough back more info about my kids...

First is Harriet, She really like Harriet she is a very sweet girl and she is always helping around the school. She very smart girl.

Second is Fred he is such a kind boy. He is always smiling and such a sweet boy. He is doing very well in school and always had his uniform washed for each day.

Third this is my pretty girl Scovia. When Kate went there she said she was very close to her and leaving hard was one the hardest. She is very polite and always on her knees whenever we are greeting or giving her something. On letter writing day she gave them their sponsors names but for some reason their was no sponsor written down for her. Kate new that she had sponsor but she couldn't recall who? But then Scovia started giggling and said "aunty, my sponsor named Shelby!" That is such a special moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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