Monday, June 08, 2009

Shiloah Ministries InCorporated

This school, and Nursury is located in Kampala Uganda. There is so many kids that still need sponsors. Shiloah Ministries is an Christian Organzation for displaced children, and serving communties to over come poverty. Sponsorship is ONLY 15 Dollars a month (USA FUNDS). That pays for the child to go to school, meals at school and uniforms. This makes a really big difference in there lifes. You can exchange pictures, letters and also you can send packages.

Below all these children need sponsorship! Would you please help the orphans in uganda! Change there life and also change your own.


Also visit- for more information

The Website is going to be updated soon, with all new kids pictures and Bios but in the mean time these kids really need sponsors! Please will you concider helping a child today!

Name: Eseza

Birthdate: 1997

Gender: Female

Grade: Primary 5

Caretaker: Mother

Special Needs: Support for school, father died and she was supported by mother who has now fallen ill. Eseza is now caring for the home, mother and siblings with some gardening, cleaning and cooking while attending school.

Name: Andrew

Birthdate: 2004

Gender: Male

Grade: Middle Class

Caretaker: Grandmother

Special Needs: Orphan - No father or mother and grandmother is ill but taking care of him and a large number of other grandchildren. Grandmother has leg pain and is unable to feed the large number of children.

Name: Brenda

Birthdate: 1998

Gender: Female

Grade: Primary 4

Caretaker: Grandmother

Special Needs: Support for school fees, clothing and basic support needs. Grandma is old and very ill and has no way of supporting Brenda for school costs

There are three children the really NEED sponsorship!


Medical Librarian said...

I love your blog. I signed up to sponsor Andrew. :)

Shelby said...

oh that is GREAT!