Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sylivia 2007

Sylivia with my Christmas present for 2006. I am glad that is has a lantern &T to do her homework by instead of doing it in the dark! :) I also got her a T-Shirt! :)This the first time she smiled with her teeth! :) She is soo cute! It is funny how in Africa girls have no hair and in Canada not many girls in Canada have no hair! I gather because it is really hot in Africa! Sylivia is a doll.... she made me cry when she said my pray to you is to meet you one day! I wanted to say that I could come and jump on a plane and come and see her but I can't I have no money. :( I hope I will one day. I know I will see her! And just give her a great BIG hug!

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