Friday, September 01, 2006

New penpal!

Her name is Rebecca! She's albino. Which means she has little or no color in her skin that helps protect the skin from sunlight and heat. Zambia has a lot of sun so it's not a conducive place for someone like her. She easily gets sunburned and severely so at slight exposure to sun. She's has "white" skin like you but it's got very little color in it to the point of being very pale.

She'd do well in Canada, especially in the coldest north. In Zambia, a person like her not only confronts the sun as an enemy but some people too look down others born with albinism. Then she's an orphan. I still believe God will be able to make up for her. Zambians are very religious people and I believe Rebecca has a strong faith to weather the storms of life. She is SO pretty! I just send her a letter so I can't wait untill I get one back from her! :)

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