Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jael's Promise

Jael was a little girl who attended Galilee. Like all little girls, she enjoyed playing with friends and dreamed of going to high school someday. She was very excited to have a sponsor paying her school fees to help make this dream a reality. Unfortunately, Jael suffered from poor nutrition--she was not getting enough to eat at home, and she had not yet been included in the lunch program at school. Jael developed severe anemia and was sent to the hospital. Unfortunately, she died in the hospital before care could be administered. (www.galileeschool.org)

Know after you read this how do you feel?? What are you thinking? I am thinking no child should live like Jael did. If people just sponsor a child in Africa this story will not be written again. Please help the children of Africa! Doesn't it make you sad to read jaels story. It made me sad.

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