Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Waiting for the phone!
By Shelby

Saturday or Sunday she said it would ring
Late Saturday night and still nothing
Krista were could she be?
Krista call me!!

Sunday night I wait again
I cannot belive she is so late
Feeling a little mad
Krista you made me sad

Sitting in my room waiting for her to call
I am about to fall
Thinking to myself will it happen
If it doesn’t I will be saddened

Krista I want you to come
Krista Krista please come!

Waiting Waiting Waiting night and day
But she still never comes

Friday saturday sunday monday passes
But there is no Flashes
Here I am writing this poem
But still no phone

P.s I wrote this poem! Last weekend krista said she will phone and she didn't! I was soo upset!

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Anonymous said...

She kinda looks chineese even though her skintone is rather white.... maybe it's all the makeup
Yeah, I'm not a country person